Death will affect us all at some point in our lives and ensuring that the last act we can do for our loved ones is appropriate to their wishes and beliefs is a crucial step in the grieving process.

From an environmental position, I prefer to offer burials. I also believe them to be more meaningful and less rushed than the crematorium experience. Green burial grounds often allow you either a full day or half a day for an unrushed farewell, and often offering the opportunity to help to backfill afterwards if that is what you wish. Daisy Celebrations supports the Natural Death Centre.

I do offer cremation services, working with you to explore appropriate readings – religious or secular, poetry or prose; either prepare and deliver the eulogy or help you write it and deliver it yourself. I will hold the space for you and officiate at the ceremony and committal. You will receive up to three free copies of the script to take back with you.

Memorial services are a celebration of your loved one’s life. They take place in a venue of your choice – somewhere significant to you and include a eulogy, poems, readings and remembrances. You can either have this as an alternative to a regular funeral, with the coffin present which is then followed up by a direct or private cremation; or you can choose a quiet, private funeral for just the family and follow it up some time later with a memorial. Typically memorials allow for more time and therefore more contributions from friends colleagues and relatives and a more relaxed atmosphere reflecting the deceased’s joys and passions and celebrating a life well lived. I would put this together and act as MC at the event.

After cremation you are left with the remains to be disposed of. This can be done in a variety of ways – sent of in a firework being only one. Again, this is something I can facilitate by putting together a very simple ceremony at a place of your choosing, allowing you to say your final farewells and release your loved one to the elements.

Other services I offer for funerals are in a supportive and preparatory role.

  • Funeral preparation and planning – either individual or family based discussions regarding funeral wishes.
  • Advice on Home Funerals.
  • Life After Loss and Death Cafes
  • Pet funerals and memorials
  • Eulogy writing services

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