Great News

Great News

As from today – 02.12.2019 it is possible in law to apply for a Mixed Sex Civil Partnership.  The law comes into effect 31st December and so those who wish to go through the process and be one of the first couples to have a Mixed Sex Civil Partnership ceremony need to apply TODAY in order to provide the requisite 28 days notice to the Registrar.

A Mixed Sex Civil Partnership gives cohabiting mixed sex couples who don’t wish to get married the same rights as married couples in matters such as

  • income tax
  • inheritance tax
  • claiming benefits from the pension arrangements of a dead partner.

The ceremony is purely legal and therefore can only be performed by a Registrar.  The coupe sign the Civil Partnership document in front of two witnesses and the Registrar.  This completely non religious and civil ceremony can then be followed up by a more personalised ceremony honouring the commitment just made.  This can take place at a location of your choice and in front of friends, relatives and well wishers as well as being devised and carried out by a Celebrant such as myself.  As with a wedding we would design the ceremony together and I would ensure it was as natural, simple and meaningful as all the other ceremonies I do.

For a limited time only, and because this such an important ruling, I am offering my Celebrant services at the cut price of £400.00

This offer is only available to couples who are ready to complete the Mixed Sex Civil Partnership Ceremony by

31st January 2020