Leap Day Proposals – 29th February

Ladies – were you disappointed in not receiving a proposal on Valentine’s Day? Are you getting fed up of waiting for a proposal?  Do you know he’s the one and just wish he’d get on with it?

Well this is your lucky year.   2020 as you know is a Leap Year.  What you may not know is that on Leap Day – 29th February – traditionally women are able to propose to men.  So why not seize the opportunity this weekend.  Buy some meaningful token – not necessarily a ring, that can be negotiated later, take him to some romantic (though probably soggy!) place and pop the question.

This tradition dates form the 5th Century and from Ireland where St Brigid was supposed to have argued for this right with St Patrick and won.  Since then it has gone global and is a world wide custom and tradition with many local variations. One thing they all have in common, however, is that the man refuses the proposal he is subject to a penalty.  Originally this would have been 12 pairs of gloves – one for each month of the year to cover the lady’s hands and the fact she was not wearing an engagement or keeper ring.  Alternatively he would have been expected to provide a silk gown, or in later years, a fur coat.  you can’t help wondering if unscrupulous women proposed to men who they knew would refuse just for the penalty!