My Story

Why am I different?

There are no ‘off the shelf’ ceremonies with me, not even ones that I adapt to suit different people – each one starts with a completely blank sheet of paper, open ears and an open mind. For me if you are willing to make a solemn, witnessed commitment to one another, gift someone with a name or bid a fitting farewell to a loved one, that needs to be suitably honoured with an  entirely bespoke ceremony. My approach is that of a listener foremost,  a questioner drawing out your wishes, a choreographer crafting a ceremony, an editor amending the script to suit, a performer delivering on the day and someone to talk to when it’s all over.

This knowledge and these skills have been honed by twenty years in the teaching profession, ten years of slowing down, listening and healing and two years training and officiating. I have drama and performance in my blood and my spiritual journeying means I fully appreciate the place of ceremony in our lives. I am a natural empath and I delight in hearing other’s stories.

A Daisy Celebrations ceremony will reflect this empathy. It will be different, creative and as individual and quirky as you desire. It will be crafted in partnership with you and imbued with spirituality. I am happy to work with those of most faiths, spiritual leanings or none, and welcome those who may have been refused by others on discriminatory grounds.


Every ceremony I do marks a significant point in someone’s life – a birth, a death or a marriage. The church recognises these as rites of passage, and there are others too. They recognise a point beyond which life will have been changed. These are solemn moments – possibly including the making of vows – and need to be honoured as such with some form of ritual. This may be religious, or alternatively spiritual, allowing us to connect on a deeper level with ourselves. My rituals explore the meaning and symbolism behind certain objects, words or actions and a meaningful ceremony is created to reflect this. Although I live a spiritual life, be assured your ceremony will only reflect your beliefs and wishes.

Variety, Quirkiness and Creativity

No two ceremonies I create are the same. I pride myself on crafting something that is unique to you, your personality, your beliefs and your circumstances. This can range from simple short services to more complicated and elaborate pagan influenced ceremonies. I prefer to work outside where we are closer to nature and less time constrained, although smaller cosy venues are also good. I can work in your home or garden, but being a civil celebrant, I am not allowed to officiate in a church. An example of my work includes a renewal of vows put together in the form of a Shakespearean script for a play, which the couple acted in front of their friends and relations – the audience. This was because drama, especially Shakespeare, was one of the bedrocks of their relationship. Using my directing and stage management skills, I am confident, able and willing to work creatively with you to stage a ceremony to reflect your personality and ideas, yet imbued with the meaning and spirituality necessary to the occasion.


All my life I have had the ability to put myself into other peoples’ shoes – often imagining how I would feel in certain situations and therefore want others to treat me. This, coupled with training in listening, allows me to feel others’ emotions and reach out to them. I always try to be as sensitive as possible, although at times some questions may be hard to answer – this is particularly relevant to funerals. I aim for my ceremonies to be as honest as possible, reflecting the feeling, emotions and needs of the client above all else.

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