Who needs fireworks?

Who needs fireworks?

I have just come back from the most magical gunpowder and firework free holiday.  Both me and my beloved dog Gwenon were able to enjoy the beginning of November with no frightening bangs or flashes.

We have been staying in Northumberland where we were surrounded by the natural world and didn’t need to resort to fireworks.

The raw power of the sea crashing against the sea wall and the waves rolling onto the beach during the high winds providing all the crashes and bangs we need. The surf crests of the waves splashing up into the air to give us glitter and sparkle as the sun shone on them.

For colour, all we needed to do was walk in the woods to be surrounded by reds, oranges, yellows, greens, bronze, silver and gold.  Chasing leaves blown by the wind bringing back childish glee and joy for both of us. There is nothing quite like the smell of fallen leaves and the touch of wet soil and wood.  Colourful gems of fungi poking out their heads – amethyst, turquoise, red, yellow and white, hidden by the layer of fallen leaves.  Crunching through drier areas whilst squelching though others, icy barefoot walking in the moss and then back to sitting in front of a log burner with a lovely cup or glass of something warming. What a sensory feast, and not a penny spent trying to copy what nature does best.

Sleep came easily with dark, moonlit skies, no street lights, no traffic noise and no enforced fun.

Go outside and try it before we all get too old – break away from convention, follow your hearts, reconnect with nature.