Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

The personal and bespoke nature of the service I provide requires me to access personal data regarding my clients’ family history, employment and family details, as well as names, addresses and contact information.  To ensure client confidentiality the following statement applies to all ceremonies.

  • Through the booking procedure clients give their consent for their personal data to be used and processed to create and deliver a unique, personalised ceremony.
  • Clients give their consent through the completion and signing of a booking form and through face to face meetings as the ceremony is crafted.
  • Nothing is shared at the ceremony without the client’s full approval and agreement.
  • If the details of the ceremony are required for any other purpose, this will only happen after specific consent has be gained.
  • The client may ask for copies of any personal data Daisy Celebrations holds on them. This data will be provided within 30 days of the request being made.
  • The client’s data will either be held electronically on a password protected device, or in a paper format in a locked cabinet.
  • After the ceremony personal data will be deleted from the computer and any paper copies will be shredded.
  • You as the client have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, and details of how to can be found on their website:

This policy will be reviewed annually.