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Trying to find a celebrant? I am a professional wedding celebrant who can conduct your wedding celebration.

Whether you are looking to have a large humanist wedding or an intimate handfasting ceremony, I will work with you to understand your needs and create a bespoke ceremony that’s the perfect fit for your wedding.

Whilst I am a civil celebrant based in Worcestershire, I can also officiate your celebrant ceremony in Herefordshire, Shropshire, North Gloucestershire or South Staffordshire.

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Planning your celebrant wedding ceremony

You have decided to formalise your desire to spend the rest of your lives together and have the wedding ceremony of your dreams. How exciting!

In addition to venues, food, dresses and flowers, you need to decide what kind of marriage ceremony to have at your wedding.

You could…

  • Head to a church or place of worship and have a faith-based wedding ceremony
  • Go to the registry office for a ten-minute legal contract signing ceremony
  • Visit the registry office and then have a bespoke ceremony with a civil celebrant at a location of your choice

I know which I’d choose, but I think I may be biased!

It is important to remember that any civil wedding ceremony we devise is not currently legally binding in England, and you would have to go to the registry office for the legal certification.

Having said that, your bespoke ceremony will be full of meaning, symbolism, ritual and memories.

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My role as your marriage celebrant

At Daisy Chain Weddings, you can get really creative with your civil marriage ceremony – after all it is your big day.

Whether you want your wedding celebration to be outdoors, indoors, in your garden at home, in a hospital, a village hall or a big posh hotel, your marriage ceremony is your demonstration of your love and commitment to one another.

The ceremony I will provide and officiate at will reflect your personalities, loves and hopes for the future. For those wishing to reaffirm their love for one another and renew their vows the process will be just as rigorous as for a wedding and carry as much spiritual significance for you.

Our first meeting will be an opportunity to get to know each other. I will find out what your vision is and offer ideas and guidance for rituals that will fit in with your plans, such as a handfasting ceremony, unity ceremony or humanist wedding ceremony.

I will provide guidance on how your ceremony will be structured and run on your wedding day and,  individually, ask you to complete a questionnaire to capture your love story and your path to marriage

You will need to think about your vows, such as whether you want to write your own or use a template.

We will meet regularly during the writing process – either face to face or via video call, and changes can be made as necessary ahead of your wedding day. Only when you’re both happy with the ceremony we’ve devised together, will I create a final script.   You will have a free presentation copy after the marriage ceremony as a keepsake of your happy day.

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Types of celebrant wedding ceremony

There are many different ceremonies that a civil marriage celebrant can conduct on your wedding day, and it’s important for you to choose the right celebration for your big day – your day, your way

Examples of traditional ritual you could choose with Daisy Celebrations include:

  • Handfasting Ceremony – An ancient Celtic tradition involving symbolically binding your hands together and blessing the union.
  • Unity Ceremony – These can be done using candles, sand or salt and involve the couple each contributing to make one whole. One candle is lit using two smaller ones, different coloured sands are combined into one vessel to make a pattern or salt from two pouches are combined into one – the idea being that the marriage will only break up when one of the couple can take out the grains of sand they put in.
  • Welsh Lovespoon Ceremony – Each partner offering food to the other from an elaborately and symbolically carved wooden spoon.
  • Loving Cup or Quaich Ceremony – Each partner offers the other a drink from a two handled cup with appropriate accompanying words.
  • Ring Warming Ceremony – This is a chance to involve your well-wishers. Before the ceremony the rings are passed around the congregation for them each to hold them in their hands, warm them, bless them and wish you well.

Alternatively, Daisy Chain Weddings can create a ritual based upon objects which are mutually important to you both. Most things I find, if researched deeply enough, can be found to have some kind of symbolism which can then be moulded into a ritual.

If you would like to have some religious elements to your ceremony, that is ok too – for example a hymn, bible reading or blessing.

Wedding celebrant cost

How much does a humanist wedding cost?

At Daisy Chan Weddings I pride myself on offering a value for money, bespoke, personalised service that is unique for your big day.

You can view my wedding ceremony prices using the link below:

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